Project type New construction

Location Montuiri, Mallorca

Built surface area 255,81 m²

Description This project was a challenge for us when it came to creating a home on a plot with particular characteristics. We found a space divided between urban and rustic land, resulting in the buildable surface in a triangle shape that generated very complex spaces and angles, but that we had to take advantage of.

The result is a triangular-shaped house that not only fits the morphology of the plot but also the curvature of the street where it is located. Located at the highest point of a hill, with spectacular views, the house opens up towards the back where the green space and the mountains take centre stage.

The house is surrounded by ancient stone mills that give the area the distinctivecharacter of the rural regions of Mallorca. Starting from this environment, we work with materials native to the area and colours that will help the house blend in, but without making it disappear. The idea was for the house to be visible as if it had been there as long as the mills themselves.

With a spacious double-height area that articulates the entire residence and connects all the spaces, the large windows to the pool area allow this home to have amazing views without having to sacrifice privacy toward the street side. You are always aware of the surrounding environment in which you find yourself, and above all, you enjoy it through the views as an integral part of the home.

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